Andrew Griffin - Viola

Born: Pittsburgh, PA

Current Residence: New York, NY

Birthday: December 10

Education: Rice University (MM) and Carnegie Mellon University (BM)

Hobbies: Lifting and exercise, watching horror movies, dogs of any kind, Chipotle

Ice Cream of Choice: Moose Tracks

Quirks: Sometimes I assume people are already my friend before I meet them, and I can also do a backflip.

Favorite Musical Experience: I recently performed in Witness Uganda, a new musical written by my brother, Griffin Matthews, and his partner, Matt Gould. In one of our talkback sessions, a man stood up and told us that he had been blind for years, but after hearing the story and the music of the show, he felt that he could see for the first time.

Inspirations: Parents, grandparents, Apostle Paul, MLK Jr., Troy Polamalu, Bach, Ravel, David Oistrakh, Pinchas Zukerman, John Williams, Howard Shore.

Awards and Honors: Semi-finalist at the 2012 Washington International Competition, New York String Orchestra Seminar, performances with Houston Symphony

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